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to flash freeze our ice cream in split seconds! This “locks in” 100% of the natural FLAVOUR.No water. No air.

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Please note that orders must contain a minimum of 40 products to be processed.



We strive to consistently provide exceptional service to you by offering different services to meet your expectations. Minimelts provides a unique ice cream catering service for your gatherings, events, and occasions, with the flavors of your choice.

Catering Policy
  • Minimum of 40 cups
  • Additional accumulate cups start from 20 cups and more
  • Request at least 2 days in advance
  • Pay a deposit of 50% to confirm the order
  • Payment of full amount to be received 1 day in advance
  • Payment Method: (Bank transfer \ Payment in one of our branches)
Additional fees
  • An additional fee of QR 100 for external areas
  • An additional fee of QR 100 in case of requesting an additional hour
*Please note: there is half an hour of preparations to set up the ice cream station not included in the catering service

For orders, WhatsApp 7727 0702

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Why Choose Our Ice Cream?

Cryogenic Freezing Process

MiniMelts is a pure, premium ice cream created using a unique cryogenic freezing process.

Liquid nitrogen is employed to flash freeze the ice cream in mere seconds, "locking in" 100% of the natural flavor while eliminating water and air.

Fun and Convenient Shapes

MiniMelts ice cream comes in exciting shapes that add to the enjoyment and ease of eating.

These delightful shapes make MiniMelts a fun and delicious treat for all ages.

Unparalleled Quality Ingredients

MiniMelts is crafted using only the finest quality ingredients and pure milk fat.

This commitment to excellence ensures that MiniMelts stands as one of the highest quality ice cream products in the world.

Natural Flavor
Refreshing Flavor